Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship is here!

You wouldn’t have guessed it, but Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship is here.

Yep, it’s been the leakiest of leaky launches this year, so I'd say you already know everything worth knowing. But before you close this page, I’ve finally got my paws on this year’s Galaxy S offering, and crikey am I impressed.

This Galaxy S8 launch was a bizarre one. I knew every insignificant little detail before I’d even properly set my eyes on the blooming thing. This year’s Galaxy S8 had been leaked to no end, and there wasn’t a stone left unturned by the time I sat down with it.

That’s not to spoil the allure, though. Those leaks haven’t done the Galaxy S8 justice. I heartily recommend getting some proper playtime like I have, and I guarantee you’ll be as taken aback as I was. This year's Galaxy S8 is a wondrous smartphone.

That big, headline-grabbing feature lies in that monstrous 5.8in, 1,440 x 2,960 display. It’s not the first display of this size – the Note 7 packed a 5.7in display after all – but there’s something special about this one. Try and spot those bezels: they’re virtually non-existent.

Yep, there’s barely a hint of bezel to be found. This is a 5.8in display crammed into what is essentially a 5.2in handset. How has Samsung done this? Well, a dash of engineering wizardry for starters.

LG followed a similar big-screened route with its G6, but Samsung’s Galaxy S8 raises the bar again, and there’s a big reason for that. Remember that Edge suffix of previous phones? That’s no longer a thing, as both the S8 and its plus-sized 6.2in brother have the wraparound 'Edge' display as standard.

It's fair to say that Samsung has got the S8's design bang on. Merging key design elements from past Samsung handsets, the S8 retains those perfect chamfered, rounded edges complete with a tapered edge on either side. Pair that with its slim 8mm profile, and you get a device that’s not only exquisitely elegant but also fits comfortably snug in the palm of your hand.


The S8 is gorgeous, then, but you have to pay a pretty penny for one. Priced at £689, that Galaxy S8 is stunningly expensive. That’s almost £100 more than the Google Pixel, and £30 shy of Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. This isn’t a flagship for the frugal.